Santiago, Chile, June 2002




Mrs. Olga Weisfeiler


Of my special consideration:


In your letter dated April 15 this year, you request the intervention of this Commander in Chief of the Army in resolving the disappearance in our country of your brother BORIS in January 1985, through the cooperation of the military in the judicial investigation being carried out by judge Juan Guzmán Tapia.


Regarding this, and understanding your concern, I can assure you that the Chilean Army and its personnel under my command have provided all due, timely and possible cooperation, not only upon judicial request, but it has also shared and participated with the government in the different initiatives related to the issue which unfortunately affects you.


Also, this Commander in Chief personally desires that such an unfortunate situation be cleared up as soon as possible in your benefit and that of all society.


Lastly, and given the information you include in your letter, I have considered helpful to send copy of it to the judge aforementioned.




Juan Emilio Cheyre Espinosa

Army General

Commander in Chief of the Army