Olga Weisfeiler’s statement to the press on March 22  2007, Santiago, Chile

We have returned to Chile again and again in the twenty-two years since my brother Boris Weisfeiler’s disappearance in 1985. We are just a few of thousands of family members who lost loved ones to the political violence of the Pinochet regime. Our family is just one of many among the living still searching and still hoping for answers. The recent death of Augusto Pinochet represented the close of an era for
Chile, but it did not disclose the truth.

And all Chileans and all victims’ families deserve a serious investigation and an accounting of what happened. Many bodies, including Boris’, have not been recovered yet. A serious and committed effort must be made to recover these bodies or to disclose the fate of their final places. Nothing can bring back our loved ones, but the truth, when faced and when recorded in history, will bring us all peace of mind.

We want to publicly thank the receptivity of President Bachelet and her administration -- many of whom experienced firsthand the violence of those dark years in
Chile -- and has continued to believe in the importance of finding answers. We thank Chilean authorities for their commitment.

Above all, our family is exceptionally grateful to the continued efforts, commitment, and compassion of the current U.S. Embassy officials in
Santiago, especially Ambassador Craig Kelly, Consul General Sean Murphy, and the FBI investigative team for their assistance and dedication to the efforts of uncovering the truth. We thank all of them.

Now is the time for people to step forward. I plead with those who have knowledge about the disappearance of my brother to make contact with the Brigada Investigadora de Asuntos Especiales y de Derechos Humanos (56-2) 565 7475 or the FBI Attaché at (56-2) 3303396.

Not the passage of time or the grief we have endured can discourage us from our quest to find our disappeared loved ones. The truth cannot die with the passage of time nor can its secrets be buried with the deaths of those who brought so much pain to others.

I would like to make a special plea to a witness from years past -- Daniel, if you or one of your assignees hear or read this, please present yourself again.