Santiago, April 7, 2009


Mr. Rodney A. Erickson

Executive Vice President and Provost of the Pennsylvania State University

The United States


In relation to your query into the investigation in Chile regarding what happened to the US citizen Mr. Boris Weisfeiler, I can inform you that the situation is currently under review by the Judge of the Court of Appeals of Santiago, Mr. Jorge Zepeda, in the case number 2182-98, Boris Weisfeiler.

This process in the indictment phase, which in accordance with Chilean law, means that is in its first phase, within which the judge must determine whether a felony has been committed, as well as determine who the possible responsible parties are for said felony.


This phase is, by general rule, secret. Thus, it is not possible to know the actions or progress that have been made in the investigation, especially when this “Program” [note from Chip Gerfen: they may be referring to the Interior Ministry here by “Program”] is not a part of the investigation.

It is likely that Mr. Hernan Fernandez, Mrs. Olga Weisfeiler’s lawyer, will be able to provide you with more detail regarding what has occurred in this process, and you can contact him directly at his address: Dr. Sótero del Río No 508, Oficina 1010, Santiago Centro, Chile, or at his email address:



Rosemarie Bornand Jarpa

Executive Secretary



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